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Rock n Roll Ribs IS NOT the "brainchild" of Dicko Mc"no"Brain or Mitch"the bitch"Tanne! They had absolutely nothing to do with the concept, location, build out, design, training, and ESPECIALLY NOT THE RECIPES! The Ribs at Rock n Roll Ribs are the award winning Ribs of the actual creator, chef and former owner/partner.....NOT Nicko or Mitch.
Nicko McBrain and Mitch Tanne were merely silent partners with NO restaurant or cooking experience AT ALL, and only had a relatively small investment in the restaurant. McBrain and Tanne did nothing to build or run it. After a year of the actual creator making it a success, they basically stole it through fraud and breach of contract......and were sued....AND LOST!!!

View Lawsuit and original partnership agreement here

Health Inspection
State Sales Tax Warrant & Lien
Over $14,000 Unpaid Sales Tax
Federal Payroll Tax Lien
$9,000 Unpaid Employee Payroll Tax
rock n roll ribs, nicko mcbrain, mitch tanne
rock n roll ribs, nicko mcbrain, mitch tanne
rock n roll ribs, nicko mcbrain, mitch tanne

rock n roll ribs, nicko mcbrain, mitch tanne

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rock n roll ribs, nicko mcbrain, mitch tanne




Rock n Roll Ribs Reviews...

Worst Service Ever!!!  We were greeted by a teenage girl telling us the long list of things they didn't have (like ribs and chicken and on and on...). She seemed surprised and disappointed when we said we still wanted to order. After ordering pulled pork and wings for my son, we then waited 40 min for food while listening to the cook shout out (no kidding) that he was out of everything and that the manager should just close the restaurant. He did this about every 10 minutes raving like an idiot, listing every item he was out of. After waiting about 40 min for a fairly simple order, our mediocre food arrived. Stewed pork meat with no sauce or smoke flavoring (pulled pork), canned reheated baked beans and cole slaw (no comment).  I then noticed that a table seated after me was served the bbq ribs I was told they were out of. When I asked my server she went into some long explanation about timing and I pointed out that the other table ordered 3 minutes after I did. To which she had no answer. Just weird. I truly believe the staff is trying to turn customers away in order to close early.  Anyway the food was okay (not great) but the "show" of idiot monkeys they call a staff running this place was just too much. I will never ever go back there. They just don't have a rating low enough for this service. Stay away!!!  You've been warned!!

They somehow have the nerve to call this BBQ. On what continent? The pulled pork is nothing more than a pork roast with absolutely no smoke ring or flavor.

The fries were cold and over cooked service was good but the kitchen was so slow. We waited over40 minutes to get our meals. Small crowed room not that busy.
Sonnies BBQ. A local Florida chain is better than this place.


if you are a BBQ purist like myself -- to the whole idea of true BBQ.  Firstly, there's no smoke billowing from a stack on the roof of the place.  No smell of burned or burning wood around the entire block the restaurant is on.  This means no pit or smoker inside for the meats -- the smokey flavor is achieved on a standard grill with a seasoning for meat called liquid smoke.  To the BBQ purist, this is cheating on the highest level, and gastronomically -- for me, and most people I know -- the liquid smoke churns up my stomach, so I end up belching for 4 or 5 hours after the meal, and taste the smoke each time.  I can't say that the food was bad, the baby back ribs were tender, and slid right off the bone.   They have a beverage they call tea, but it's not real brewed tea, it's that Coca-Cola fountain soda tea stuff they sell at McDonald's.  A true Southern BBQ place has GOT to brew real tea and squeeze lemons in it, no questions.

I heard this place had good ribs. Somebody lied. The ribs where over cooked and way over sauced. The ribs tasted like they came out an oven, into a bus stop container where sit until ordered, and then thrown on the grill to get the grill marks and then bathed in some BBQ sauce that tastes like it came out of a can. The manager sat on his ass all night and didn't bother to say hi to any of the customers.

If you are not a barbecue aficionado, then you would probably be satisfied with the BBQ. If you are a BBQ expert, you will not enjoy it. I don't believe anything cooked there is true slow smoked bbq. Ribs are NOT supposed to fall off the bone, whether spare or baby back. But some people enjoy that. The pulled meats are really baked or braised, I'm sure. My husband actually sent back his BBQ combo (spare ribs and pulled pork) because he hated it so much (bland, rubbery, not smoked),
Food was not actually bbq. I got the baby back ribs, which were boiled and then covered with bbq sauce and my wife got the pulled pork, which was obviously baked in an oven. The cole slaw was terrible, as were the baked beans. I've eaten a lot of bbq and this has got to be one of the worst I've had.
Perfect place for people who think Bobby Rubinos or Tony Romas is the real thing. You could make better ribs in your back yard.
Onion loaf was not cooked enough so it was like eating raw onions. (A biker thing maybe?) sweet tea was like water and ice. Beans were hard and not soft (not cooked enough) and the sauce in the beans was like water.
Burnt ribs. Food from a box. For a hefty price tag. Dint eat here. Lousy service that sits and eats from other restaraunts right in front of you. Homemade fries were definitely not homemade. U cant even smell smoke from the smoked ribs
So bad! Please don't waste your money.
I was looking forward to trying Rock N Roll Ribs... I will NEVER be going back to this terrible restaurant. The service was horrible, slow, the waitress forgot what we ordered, the table was dirty... The servers and manager were just standing around talking, not paying attention to the customers. We had to ask for a togo container 2 different times, the waitress didn't offer a refill on my drink until I was done eating...The food was way over cooked, my husbands Burger was burned, both of our fries were black and overdone, my boiled corn was soggy and had no flavor, the pork on my sandwich was full of fat. Do NOT waste your time eating at this place, spend your money elsewhere! The manager was rude and not helpful. I can't enough negative about Rock N Roll Ribs...
the staff was rude from the getgo and then there was the food. The fries were soggy and that was even after asking for them to be replaced. The chicken was truly dry and the slaw was something that was not good at all. It seems like the folks there are out of step with each other and they were trying hard to get along but just could not for whatever reason. The owners really need to take a long look at their operation and do whatever they can to create a better level of food product, customer service and train their staff from management on down to better interact with patrons. While we were there, in a matter of an hour plus, at least five to six patrons complained about various things. That is far too many. Overall, despite the ribs being spectacular, we can find ribs elsewhere, for the rest of the food quality and staff attitude truly led us to vow not to return.
I cannot believe there are good reviews here - it shocks me - I am speechless. These were hands down THE worst ribs we've ever had - The baby back ribs were charred beyond recognition, The spare ribs were a little better, they at least had some edible portions on them, the corn on the cob (let's not even go there - suffice to say Long John Silvers is better). We just moved in the the area and like patronizing non-chain restaurants and supporting our local small businesses. Hands down this place SUCKED big time. We had our order within about 5 minutes or ordering which tells us that everything is pre-made and had been sitting around from the taste of it. We made no attempt to disguise our dislike when the waitress checked back but she made no effort in advising the owner (who happened to be there which was a shame). Being in the restaurant business we never send food back, they just won't get our money again. We paid our full bill, fully tipped our waitress and left very disappointed and hungry people. Went and got some delicious sushi after. HUGE THUMBS DOWN.
Food is subpar. Ribs are tough and dry. The owner is in love with himself . Don't go save your money. Alot better restaurants in South Florida area.

We ordered baby back ribs and a pork sandwich. Our child wouldn't finish the ribs. He hated them. I did not finish my pork sandwich. The sauces couldn't save the meat. The french fries had been reheated. The best thing I had that day was my soda. I would never return to this place. I was so disappointed since it was featured on Check Please South Florida.


















































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