Combining 45 years of Rock n Roll experience with a life-long love for BBQ!

Rock N Roll Ribs satisfies two great passions — food and music. And what tastes better than BBQ and Rock n Roll? We concentrate on a simple, yet exciting, high-quality menu of both, with a kick-ass atmosphere.


Specializing in our award-winning Baby Back Ribs and signature sauces.


You won't hear any lame, piped-in Musak nonsense here, see. Nothing but the best timeless Rock n Roll.


Wild fun, period. But, there's no buying a ticket, or “knowing a friend” to get backstage. Here, everyone is a VIP!

BBQ Eddie


"Rhyme of the ancient merchant"

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This Man Needs No Introduction…

Nicko McBrain, aka “The Rhythm of the Beast,” is the legendary drummer for the greatest metal band of all time — Iron Maiden. For over 45 years, Nicko has traveled the globe playing sold out shows and selling well over 90 million albums world wide. Maiden have been responsible for creating some of the most powerful and influential music of our time. Nicko brings his passion for food and his knowledge from dining all over the world to this little slice of heaven called Rock N Roll Ribs. Who would have thought? You just never know, do you?!

Hi, I'm Mitch

Guitarist, grocery entrepreneur, and close family friend, I have been blessed to have traveled with Nicko and the band from time to time over the years. I have seen some of the best metal shows throughout the decades from all over the world.

Nicko and I have also golfed together on days off at some of the best golf courses. We almost love golf as much as we do our ribs. Well, almost!! With a strong passion for music, golf, and especially BBQ food this all contributes to me being the best possible partner with Nicko for Rock n Roll Ribs. Enjoy the best BBQ in South Florida!!!